Sara Hayden

Associate for 1001

based in Atlanta, GA

phone  404-333-4359


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About Sara:


Sara Hayden grew up in a new church, and served the past five years directing church planning efforts as Executive Director of the New Church Development Commission, based in Atlanta, Georgia. To her, evangelism is not just “one more 

thing” Christians do – it is the faithful response to the good news that makes all the other ministries of God’s people a reality. She is thrilled to continue resourcing communities, churches and leaders throughout the southeast (and nationally) as they pursue new expressions of church that both seek the welfare and reflect the God-given gifts of their communities.


What do you love about working with 1001? 

Working with our interns and coaching and supporting

people who are starting a new thing!

What is your favorite food?

 I love spicy things. We have a great Indian restaurant across from our house — it’s part church, part Indian banquet hall, part montessori school.  Ah, synergy ;)

Where is a place you've never been that you'd love see? 

Two places especially close to my heart are Havana, Cuba, and Crested Butte, Colorado. I studied abroad in Cuba back in 2003, and really want to take my family there someday to see Cuba “off the grid.” 

A book you've read/are reading you could recommend to planters? 

Almost Christian, by Kenda Creasy Dean

What is a "third space" where you spend time building relationships with people where you live and work?

My neighborhood

A Bible verse that undergirds your ministry/life?

The parable of the sower (Mark 4, Luke 8, Matt. 13)