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  • Presbyinnovate

    Offers regional training, assessment and resources for new worshiping communities.

  • Video: Presbyteries inspired by 1001

    See how new life and focus is emerging in Presbyteries that are creating new worshiping communities.

  • Video: Wild Goose takes flight

    An old country church on the road to nowhere has a resurrection moment.  See how churched and unchurched alike are drawn  to this new worshiping community's focus on Appalacian style worship and culture.



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Recent Stories

  • 18
    Video: Wild Goose Christian Community
    An old country church on the road to nowhere has a resurrection moment— takes flight as Wild Goose. See how churched and unchurched alike are draw to its focus on Appalachian culture and worship style.
  • 05
    People with a heart
    New Worshiping Community leader Elbis Hernandez credits the kindness of a local congregation—partnering in ministry with Presbyterian Mission Agency—for helping save his life.
  • 03
    Deepening Diversity in 1001 Movement
    Most Presbyterians value diversity. At least that’s what they’re saying in a recent study. They agree that it’s beneficial for the United States that the population is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse.
  • 31
    Video: Shalom International Ministry
    Immigrants, refugees, people fleeing to the U.S. from 16 countries, hurting from the trauma of war. Needing peace, they are finding shalom through loving God and each other in a worshiping community in Clarkston, Georgia.