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September 16, 2014
Little Brown Mission is an urban mission hub, housing outreach ministries working together as a team for the Kingdom of God in downtown Long Beach, CA

September 16, 2014
At this stage we're calling ourselves The Feast Community because our hope is to spend our time together feasting with and befriending one another, all the while exploring and dialoguing about God's mission to "make of life a continual feast" (St. Athanasius). Beyond this we'll also be experimenting with ways in which we as a community can become God's hands and feet in our neighborhood through...

September 13, 2014
African Evangelical International Ministries (AFREIM) - a multicultural fellowship in central Virginia. Current participants include people from Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Puerto Rico/Mexico and the United States.

September 12, 2014
Wilderness Church is a diverse Christian Community that will meet in the outdoor spaces in Balboa Park each Sunday morning. It is a church without walls that focuses on worshipping and serving the Triune God while providing a unique experience. We pray that the Holy Spirit will be present in our lives and that our ministry will bear fruit and glorify God. Our hope is that God will unite, equi...
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